(12) Sharples P5000 (25 x 65) trailer-mounted centrifuges.

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Max bowl speed 3000 RPM, 3190 x G, rated @ 250 GPM. Trailers have a Bebco Class 1 Div 1 control room on top of the 5th wheel where the full VFD touch screen control panel is housed. In addition to the Sharples 5000 or Tomoe PTM 500 centrifuge, there is a solids discharge augur, a centrifugal trash style 4" feed pump, centrate tank and discharge pump, full roughneck heater, exhaust fan, lighting, polymer tank, mixers and injection pumps Decanters have either a 100 HP or 125 HP main drive and a 60 HP back drive. Excellent running condition.
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