(3) Western States Q-520 60 x 40 perforate baskets, 316SS.

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Max bowl speed 1000 RPM, 850 x G, 52 sq ft screen area, 33.3 cuft cake capacity, max load is 2140 lbs @ 91 PPCF 75 HP Tork-Master drive with fully regenerative AC VFD in NEMA 1 control panel, curb made of duplex 2205 SS, feed and wash manifolds, ultrasonic load control, air knife, single-motion plow, blowback manifold, CIP spray balls, sight glass and light, full-open top design, bottom discharge, anti-gyration & vibration protection. Prior use: Phosphorous. 1999, 2000 and 2004 vintage. Very good condition.
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