Alfa-Laval MAB 206S-29-60 oil purification system.

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Max bowl speed 8200 RPM, sludge capacity 0.9 gallons, light phase discharged under pressure, 50PSI max @ 1600 GPH, heavy phase open, rated @ 2120 GPH light viscosity oil (40 SSU @ 100F). Includes feed pump w/VFD controls, 10 HP motor 440/3/60/1800 RPM/ODP w/PLC control panel, 2 strainer, sight glass, 2 sample cocks, pressure gauge thermometer, seal water connection w/flow indicator, 60 KW pre-heater w/digital controls, unitized on a skid Set of special tools, standard spares, set of gravity discs & manuals. Excellent condition.
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